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2384 Government street - penticton

​​srs services...

  • chassis dyno testing​

    • Superflow AutoDyn 30

    • ​Dual Wideband Data-Logging

    • Daily & Hourly Rates Available

  • parts & Installation

    • Multiple Vendors

    • Hundreds of Brands

    • Installation Available

    • Before & After Dyno Testing

    • We Ship Across Canada!

  • Cylinder HEad Service

    • ​Porting & Flow Testing

    • Valve Guide Repair

    • Valve Guide Honing

    • Valve & Seat Grinding

  • Engine Building

    • Dyno Proven Combinations

    • Stock, Street Performance, Race

    • New Builds & Rebuilds Too​

  • Complete Auto Service​

    • Oil Changes & Brakes

    • Engine, Drivetrain & More

    • Daily Driver, Hot Rod, & Race Car

SRS ships across canada!  great deals on freight to your door!

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The New Shop is Open for Business!  Come Check Us Out at 2384 Government St. in Penticton.

Race Cars


​Your Car

   ​Powerglide to Fox

This step-by-step guide shows you just how easy it is to swap a bulletproof Powerglide into your Fox body Mustang... 

All parts available at SRS...

  • SFI Approved Bellhousings
  • SFI Approved Flexplates
  • Crank Adapters
  • Shifters
  • Locking Dipsticks
  • SFI Trans Shields
  • Transmission Mount & Spacer
  • Driveshaft & Yoke

Take the guess work out of your swap.  Get the parts you need from a shop that knows what is required.

Red Seal Mechanic

on duty 

SRS has a licensed mechanic on staff.  We can take care of all your automobile service needs.  Call to book your appointment today.


   ​Custom SRS Engines & cylinder Heads

We have been planning, modifying, and building high performance engines for over 20 years.  

Our specialty is small block Fords, but we build Chevrolet engines as well.